What is the World Arch Database™?
It's a CD-ROM database with sortable, useable information on natural rock arches, with photographs. The World Arch Database on CD-ROM is available only from StoneCanyonAdventures.

Why a "World Arch Database"?
·Hikers, trekkers, four-wheelers, mountain bikers, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts use the World Arch Database to locate all the natural arches within their area of interest or near their destination. They can sort arches by size, location, keyword, etc. to maximize their outdoor enjoyment.
·Photographers will find the World Arch Database extremely useful because each arch has a photographic potential rating.
·Geographers and other scientists who study these natural wonders can use the data in their course of study.

The database is web, or "HTML" based, so anyone with web browser software can use it. Users can access it by CD-ROM on a PC. Much of the information on the arches is missing or has not been verified. We will log in all data we receive from arch hunters worldwide on a monthly basis.

Much of the data contained in the database is used by permission from Chris Moore's The Journal of Natural Arch Discoveries and SPAN, the journal of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society. Many other smaller sources were utilized, including the USGS, Internet research, and submissions from individuals. We have included all information on each arch we feel is or may be pertinent in the study and enjoyment of natural arches. Location and size are the highest priority with most users, but we also include things like:

The arch dimensions, classification and identification are presented in accordance with the Standards and Definitions of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society.

A portion of the after-tax profits from database sales goes to the Natural Arch and Bridge Society, an organization dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of Natural Rock Spans.


Proudly produced in USA by Stone Canyon Media Corp.

Tom Van Bebber - Project Manager
Cindy Bell - Graphics and Web Design
Dave Ketchum, "Software that Works!"- Programmer

Many thanks to Chris Moore, the Natural Arch and Bridge Society, and all the great arch hunters out there for helping to make this project possible!